Did Not Attend Policy

Our appointment availability is reliant upon patients attending their booked appointments. 

If a patient no longer requires an appointment, the patient should contact the surgery to cancel their appointment so that we can offer this to another patient. 

In order to reduce the number of DNAs, the practice sends out appointment reminders via text message.  The text informs patients that if they no longer need the appointment, they can text back CANCEL and this will automatically cancel the appointment in our appointment system.

It is frustrating for patients who cannot be offered an appointment and then other booked appointments are not attended, the appointments could have been offered to a patient who does needs to see a doctor or nurse.

Practice Guidelines 

  • If a patient fails to attend a pre-booked appointment on one occasion, a text/letter will be sent to the patient about this.
  • If the patient fails to attend a second appointment within a 12 month rolling period, a letter will be sent advising them that a further occurrence could risk removal from the practice.
  • If the patient fails to attend a third appointment within a 12 month rolling period, a letter will be sent to the patient stating that the matter will be discussed at a Practice Meeting and a majority agreement will be reached as to whether the patient will be removed from the practice list.  If it is agreed that the patient be removed from the list, the practice manager will write to the patient and explain the reasons for removal and what he/she should do to register with another doctor.