Accessing someone else’s information

Online access NHS App

As a parent, family member or carer, you may be able to access services for someone else.

GP surgeries can give someone secure access to another patient's GP services, so they can help them manage their health and care.

This is sometimes called proxy access or third party access.

You can ask to be a proxy, to help someone else with their prescriptions, appointments or other GP services, or choose a proxy to help you with yours.


You will need to come to the surgery to complete an Online Access request form and complete the proxy access section.  We will make sure the person giving access understands and agrees to it, where needed. You may both have prove who you are using photo ID.  We will then decide what access, if any, is appropriate, and make the changes in their clinical systems to set it up.

For more information, please visit Accessing GP services for someone else, with proxy access - NHS (

Linked profiles in your NHS account

Once proxy access is set up, you can access the other person’s profile in your NHS account, using the NHS App or website.

The NHS website has information about using linked profiles to access services for someone else.